Our team started by just two young men with a vision. We compound our ethics of professionalism, creativity, commitment, and the understanding of others into our company book of ethics. While we grow we are always looking to attract others who share our belief, to be a part of our company, and we always welcome others to join our dream.

All of you are welcomed to send your resumes to any time.

Project Manager

Ref. PM008

Project managers ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, that the project’s objectives are met and that everyone else is doing their job properly. Projects are usually separate to usual day-today business activities and require a group of people to work together to achieve a set of specific objectives. Project managers oversee the project to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different interests involved are satisfied.


  • Coordinating and assigning project teams
  • Coordinating scrums, publishing notes and managing tasks
  • Owning UX spec – this primarily means annotation on wireframes and client requirements.
  • Owning scope, collecting client requirements and managing client expectations
  • Coordination of scope creep, change orders and billing with management
  • Driving and communicating project timeline, deadlines and urgency
  • Selecting and coordinating all resources, including vendors and partners
  • Holding all leads accountable to their financial footprint
  • Looking for opportunities to create efficiencies in daily operations, and pitching leadership to incorporate change

Requirement & Skills

  • The Project Manager is ultimately responsible for moving projects forward efficiently and effectively
  • They must own three things on each project: budget, timeline and scope
  • The Project Manager will also have technical chops, be it a background in software development or even in commercial architecture
  • They will have the ability to input, review and manage spec, assuring the client and development teams have a comprehensive level of technical direction to move forward
  • The Project Manager should have loads of patience. They will be managing creatives, remote staff and working in varying time zones.
  • The PM should be prepared to either sneak in a Skype meeting at an off time, or write incredibly thorough spec and instructions for all to follow.
  • The ideal candidate for PM can’t sleep soundly at night if a project isn’t on time or on budget. They live for success, and take pride in their domain.

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Sr. Web Developer

Ref. SD018

We are searching for outstanding web developers to be responsible for developing innovative, reusable web-based tools for progressive activism and community building. A Successful Candidate will have demonstrable experience building real applications in Good work environment and will be able to make a meaningful contribution from day one. You will be comfortable working with team members at all levels and departments within the organization. This is a Perfect Opportunity for young Developers looking to play a key role in creating enabling technology for a leading Web and Mobile based Company in Amman.


  • Knowledge of software development life cycle.
  • Work closely with Project Managers and other members of the Development Team to both develop detailed specification documents with clear Project deliverable and timelines and to ensure timely completion.
  • Determine appropriate architecture, technical solutions and make relevant recommendations to clients.
  • Communicate to the Project Manager and Team Leaders with efficiency and accuracy in any progress and /or delays.
  • Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide high value-of-service to clients.
  • Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into operations and activities.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute regularly to the development community of the CMS (Magento / Joomla / Drupal / WordPress / Zend Framework / Cake PHP).
  • Strong debugging skills and ability to easily and quickly read and modify existing Code.
    Strong communication skills.
  • Knowledge of other e-commerce is added advantage (prestashop, Shopify, OS commerce, OpenCart, etc…)

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Web Designer

Ref. WD009

JoMiz is looking for Web Designer who can Create web site designs and produce sample sites also demonstrate and receive feedback about draft sites.


  • Meet/liaising with clients to discuss requirements and/or project progress.
  • Create web site designs.
  • Produce sample sites.
  • Demonstrate and receive feedback about draft sites.
  • Keep up-to-date with recent technological and software developments.
  • Develop skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages including html, Javascript and others.
  • Produce products that are user-friendly, effective and appealing.
  • Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

What are we looking for?:

  • 3+ year of experience in Android app development.
  • Solid understanding of Android application basics: Activities, Services, Intents, Content Providers.
  • Proficient in using native UI components, widgets and layout design.
  • Patience.
  • Ease in working across devices and Android versions.
  • Experience in working with RESTful API with JSON.
  • Grasp of Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, OOPS.
  • Knowledge of concepts like Push Notifications, Accounts, Sync framework, Search,Content Provider & SQLite
  • Familiarity with commonly used libraries.

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Sr. Android Developer

Ref. AD012

As Android developer, you will:

  • Design the architecture of native android application.
  • Write a clean, fast and maintainable code for android app.
  • Research on latest trends in android development and evaluate and incorporate the same in the application.
  • Evaluation and implement out of the box third party applications for analytics and iterations.
  • Build a great android developer team.


  • Proficient in native android development.
  • Expert on object oriented programming especially Java.
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Tier 1 or 2 colleges.
  • Good understanding of databases and SQLite in general.
  • Good understanding of working with REST Web Services.
  • Good understanding of caching strategies,asynchronous calls ,using fragments.
  • Good understanding of GIT and all it’s related operations.
  • Experience of atleast an year.Min. 2 apps should be live on play store.

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