SME Accounting

The financial position of any company is one of the most important areas which any manager should keep his focus on. Unfortunately, only few managers for SMEs in MENA region know the basics of accounting and know how to read the financial documents. To solve this issue we have made an accounting solution, which is both in Arabic and English, specifically catering the needs of Managers having less or no Finance/Accounts related exposure. This helps them keep their financial books organized without having the need to employ a professional full time accountant.


Islamic Micro-finance Financing System

Islamic Microfinance is a sector with great potential of growth and expansion. It is estimated that 72% of the population living in predominantly Muslim countries do not use financial services just because the financial institutions are not following the precepts of Islam. Muslims use conventional financial products, but various surveys show that if they had the choice, they would use sharia-compliant financial products.

Our solutions manage all the financial transactions for companies that provide Islamic Micro-financing products including Murabaha, Musharaka, Micro-leasing, and Micro-leasing, and Takaful. It also covers all the internal financial transactions for any company such as assets management, payroll, checks managements, reporting, and so on.


Micro-financing On-Field CRM

MENA region micro-financing sales operations are different from other countries since most of the countries in the region are still developing. As a result the sales team has been on field to search for people looking for micro financing products and convince them for sharia compliant products, especially when the products are targeting small business owners. These kinds of operations require a high level of management and constant monitoring. The products allow companies to control all the aspects of operations, and it is seamlessly integrated with the Islamic Micro-finance Financing System which makes them a great solution for any Micro-financing company.


Charity Organization Management System (COMS)

Offering a complete donations management solution, COMS help organizations collect and streamline membership data, target successful fundraising efforts, manage comprehensive donations processing and report and analyze clearly and effectively. Offered as a web-based solution, COMS can be deployed to match the needs and budget of any organization, and the solution can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of nonprofits of any size.


DT eCommerce

Our DT e-Commerce solution is designed to ensure that our client’s customers have a great online shopping experience, coupled with ease of use and aesthetic appeal due to the website design and layout.
We at JoMiz, cater the needs of store owners in MENA region and provide a flexible e-commerce web solution for them. We assist you in managing your store, generating revenue, and increasing your sales. Our e-commerce offers a very easy to use control panel for the store owners, keeping in mind the usage needs of a store owner living in the MENA region.


Jomiz eSolutions