We don’t look for clients; we look for partners. We choose our partners carefully, who are open minded and have the spirit of team work. Our processes have proved to be successful in getting the right results for us and our partners. We go through these processes from the moment our partner contacts us, till the time he is completely satisfied.

In depth understanding of client needs

We look beyond our core business and try to evaluate all the possible business choices for you, as well as your ecosystem of suppliers, partners etc., of which we may be a part. We also work to gain understanding of your competitors and help you better anticipate their moves. We get involved with your everyday tasks, helping you anticipate the future of your business.

Put ourselves in our client’s shoes

At JoMiz, we constantly work towards our client’s image and reputation, more than our own. We believe that working for the best interest of our client, is the ultimate method to reach success. While we are working with our clients, we try to know and understand their needs both professionally and personally. From a day to day perspective we are learning our client’s internal business language and jargon, as well as adjusting to their culture and the way they view the world.

Documenting all the communications

Over time documenting all the communication between us and our clients has proven to be one of our best processes. It saves a lot of time and money when we return to the history of the communication and the exact point in the project life-cycle. It reduces operational ambiguity, helps our partners in saving money, and increases client satisfaction.


We believe in having long term mutually satisfying relationships with our business partners and are always looking for the value which our clients gain from our solutions and services. We are always there for our clients, supporting them even after the final delivery has been made. We follow international standards and best practices when we document our client’s tickets, reply them, and fix the issues. These best practices ensure that we deliver the best possible services and solutions for our clients in minimum response time.